Welcome to my site covering my interwar Victorian Railways modelling. Please click on the links at right to go to the various pages of the site.

I hope the site is of interest and please get in touch if you have any queries.

Cheers, Andrew


  1. Very nicely done Andrew. ... I have a similar fascination with both Brisbane's Central and Roma St stations and Sydney Central station precincts ... No whether near your detail yet as the brand new layout is only just Virgining at this point ... Maybe a year or two will make all the difference !

  2. Thank you Glen. I know Sydney Central pretty well having lived/worked here/there, but have only seen Roma Street from a distance and in some pictures. The surrounds look quite interesting though and there's plenty of traffic to enjoy. Good luck with your endeavours and please let me know if you publish online updates or such, would be interested to see it. Cheers, Andrew